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Dryer vent cleaned. The tech was on time, clean and professional

Judy Begley

Anaheim, Ca


Removed debris from dryer ducts and repaired where needed. On time, knew the problem and quickly fixed it.

JoAnne Haproff

Fullerton, Ca


Checked and cleaned the dryer vents, both the interior connection (to the dryer) and the exterior exhaust (which is complicated since the exhaust hose runs under my house about 18 or so feet). I have used this company for years, a rarity for me. Initial contact is professional, inquisitive and always helpful. On this occasion I had an immediately problem: I smelled scorching in my dryer. They gave me basic instructions for the interim period and were at my door at 8:30 the next morning. Another thing I appreciate: though I was on the phone explaining a problem, they still took the time--when scheduling my appointment--to check my customer status and make sure the pricing model they apply for my service would be in-line with the price charged on their previous visit, a customer loyalty practice I appreciate. When the service person, Chris, arrived at my house, he was professional and polite--as has always been the case with this company (and with Chris who has been my service technician before). I explained my situation to Chris and he then proceeded with the evaluation and cleaning. When complete, he informed me of the situation (nothing related to the vents showed any signs of scorching or fire). He also suggested that I carefully monitor the dryer and that if the problem occurs again, I should contact Sears and have them come and evaluate the interior of the dryer. (I ran the dryer the remainder of the day and the problem did not reoccur). Cleaning the vents is complicated in my house. I have a lot of stairs down which Chris (and previous techs) have to carry all their equipment. And the exterior exhaust is down a steep hill which can be muddy. Chris had no problems with these obstacles, did not make a mess anywhere (inside or out) and completed the service in a highly professional manner. I wish every service company was this good. I give them my highest recommend.

Geoff Harmon

Mission Viejo, Ca


Cleaned dryer vent. timely. well done

William Paletsas

Mission Viejo, Ca


cleaned dryer vent. on time, thorough job, neat, clean.

Amy Gertsen

Newport Beach, Ca