Nuflo Dryer Vent Cleaning


For 16_+ years, Nuflo has focused solely on Dryer Vents. Inspections, Cleanings, Repairs & Construction. 

We wanted to provide that specific service well, with the proper technicians, and the proper equipment. 

We used equipment that no other company would invest in. With 400+ 5 star reviews, Our reputation

speaks for itself,  We are the most honest, fairest, considerest, hardest working  company to choose in

this field.  We are properly licensed. We are properly Insured  & Bonded. 

As a company we have ALWAYS had a background and understanding in Air Duct Cleaning and Air Duct 

DesignsWe mainly just focused on the Dryer Vent Side of  the Ventilation Ducts.

Over the years, we have had many customers ask, and wished that we provided Duct Cleaning service

as well.  In performing that type of work and speaking with customers, We heard horror stories... 

Unlicensed People performing the work. Inflated prices from Leader Ads, and mostly coming out 

with cheap improper equipment. They complained that these other companies were in and out,

while making it weird for the customer (In their own home) by asking for some ridicoulous high cost

and price for their shady companies quick incomplete service.  They were putting fear into the customer.

We had to put a stop to that. So, here we are now.  As of January 2023, We added Air Duct Cleaning.

We did not skimp, nor did we cut any corners. Our equipment is the best in the field, and our

workers are always highly trained,and skilled. We know you will be happy. We stand behind everything 

we do, that will never change. Customer Service and having the proper equipment is who we are,

and what we have always taken pride in. 

Please give us a try! Call now for your Free Quote!

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Basic Phone Questions:

Is your home over or under 2500 sq ft.

How many registers do you have in your home including

including where you replace your Air filter

Are there any registers higher than 14 ft?